Interview with Author and Runologist Larry Camp

Interview with Author and Runologist Larry Camp

Hello Larry I am sending you the interview for my website, thank you very much for your kindness, if you want me to put a specific photo you can send it to me
Greetings Larry, we would like you to explain your beginnings with the runes, what was your first contact with them, first books….

My first contact with the Runes “properly” was through leaflets I received from the Ásatrú Alliance in 1992. Those were a very brief introduction to the Elder FUTHARK. By 1993, I read Edred Thorsson’s trilogy FUTHARK, Runelore and At the Well of Wyrd. These works were a good introduction to the Runes, Rune magic, theory and divination. And they also gave a brief introduction to the Armanen Runes, which proved to be Wyrd.

When the runes armanen arrived in your life, how was it?

Also in 1993, I read the following works, which truly brought the Armanen Runes into my life and changed it forever: The Secret of the Runes by Guido von List, Rune=Magic AND HEILIGE RUNENMACHT by SA Kummer,Rune Might by Edred Thorsson. I not only read about the Armanen Runes, but I also worked with them. Kummer’s 13 Rune Exercise regimen especially transformed me at the time. I also worked heavily with the “Runic Hand Signs” and “Sound Formulas.” Of course I still work heavily with all of these and much more…

What was the reason that made you practice and work with the armanen runes, and not with another system?

I’ve been drawn to the Armanen Runen and Weltanschauung since the very day I learned of them. I’m of Germanic ancestry so that makes sense! I believe the Armanen system are truly the Runes from the Ur-well, won by Alvater-Wuotan and given to us in the Hávamál. No other Rune-row can say this at all. Other systems are historical, which does not make them better. At the beginning, I tried working with them, without the same result as I had with the Armanen. Perhaps I didn’t put the same effort in! They simply didn’t call to me like the Armanen did, thus for me they didn’t work. The High Holy 18 is a call from the Soul… For those of us who heed that call, the benefits are very rewarding!

You were working with Karl Hans Welt, can you explain your experience with him? you learned?
You were in the Order Knights of runes, what can you tell us about your experience with it?

This is a double question. I first came into contact with Karl in the late 1990s. I saw what seemed to be an advertisement for his courses online. I contacted him and he said said they were available free. I’m uncertain if they were already online free at that time. At any rate, he sent me a CD with everything on it. We became fast friends, in spite of our differences. (Im quite folk centred, he’s more universalist.) I worked every course, and even though the Knights of Runes was defunct, he named me a Runemaster. On Wintersonnenwende 2000, I was named Grand Runemaster and the KOR was reopened. It flourished until about 2008, and for various reasons, closed again. In 2018-19, we looked at reopening again but I decided against it. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I learned so much in the KOR. I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything.

What are your favorite armanen runologists and what books armanen Runes do you recommend?
Books that have influenced me would be: GvL das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk, SA Kummer’s Heilige Runenmacht (Holy Rune Might), Runen=Magie (Rune=Magic), Gorsleben’s Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit – and all editions of Edred Thorssons Rune Might. That’s only a very few of so many! My favorite Runologist of all would have to be SA Kummer. I have loved him for nearly 30 years. He’s become a vital part of my life.
What was the reason that led you to write your book of Runes armanen?

It actually started out as tiny study sheets for my children when they were home schooled. Not like it ended up, but those study sheets had the Rune shape, and a basic meaning – the children had to answer what Rune it was. They did very well. Needless to say, I immediately thought it was essential to compile everything I had (notes, translations, original material) into an Armanen Rune Handbook – it evolved over time. Sadly the final PDF edition was not what I wanted it to be due to a computer crash, but it is what it is.

Can you tell us what we can find in your book?

A very brief history of the Armanen Runes and Masters, all 18 Runic Body Postures, Hand Signs, Invocations, Runic meanings, various translated sections, pendulum and the Runes, Runes and Body Ailments… And more.

We know that you are updating your book armanen, what news do you hope to bring to this work?

The updating of the book completely depends on the integration of my old file with my already revised file… They’re on two different tablets, one Android and one iPad. The systems don’t talk to each other! Needless to say, they both have some degree of revision already done to them. Merging the two and further work would make a much better book. I won’t comment on that yet because I’m uncertain if I can get the files integrated! I will say that I’ve been encouraged by many very good friends to get it published as an actual book again.

What do you think of the new Armanen fraternity?

I’m very excited about the Armanen Fraternity. We’re surrounded by extremely capable and talented people who all share an extreme passion for Armanism and the Armanen Runes. I haven’t been this excited in 25 years!

Do you think it is positive to put the armanen runes back into the daily practice of the runes as they should be?

Absolutely. It is exactly where the Armanen Runes belong…at the forefront of Runic pfactice today. The past masters sacrificed so much to ensure the survival of our High Holy 18. We must hold the torch, or their sacrifices were in vain!

Some words for the web?

Thank you my good friend, it’s been a pleasure. To anyone who would like to contact me, please do. I enjoy correspondence. My email address is:

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