The 18 Sacred Runes Karl Hanz Weltz

The 18 Sacred Runes Karl Hanz Weltz

The Song of 0dhinn, the Havamal, the graphical structure of the Runes, and of course individual experience of Rune masters, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes are a true esoteric symbolism.

They have a common base from which the symbols are derived: the hexagon with its three inscribed diameters.

They are ordered by position as a linear symbolism or as an alphabet.

They are ordered in a plane as a two dimensional symbolism. In fact there are many possible arrangements of the symbols in a two dimensional mode, each one pointing to another facet of the symbolism.

They reach into dimensions beyond the material planes.

Practice with them enhances thinking, psychic, and intuitive capabilities.

As individual symbols, they have a number and symbolic and evocative sets of dimensions.

The symbolism as a whole is greater than the mere sum of its constituent symbols.

The symbolism of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes constitutes a set of mappings of specific characteristics not only in the material planes, but in the planes beyond, including the roots of those planes, the realms of creation. Practice of the symbolism will open up to you the specific natural laws of those realms of finer densities. As a result, your scientific thinking will be developed even so as to be capable of working with the realms of creation, and putting them to use.

Karl Hanz Weltz

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